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Little People
  • From the farm and into the wild, this See 'n Say toy opens up the world of the animal kingdom to introduce kids to the names and sounds of a wide variety of creatures.
  • Kids then spin the arrow to point to their answer and pull the lever to find out if they're right.
  • See 'n Say is designed for children ages 18 months to 5 years old.
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Little People
  • From feeding the chickens to tucking in the horse with a soft blanket, and exploring all the exciting activities, this playset offers tons of sensory-stimulating fun for little ones.
  • Get the fun started by pressing the discovery button to pop open the stall doors and hear fun songs and phrases.
  • Or open up the hayloft for drop-through fun that activates more sounds and phrases.
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Little People
  • Curiosity & Wonder: Little ones are introduced to cause and effect as they discover that fun sounds, phrases, and actions happen when they press different.
  • Imaginative Play: With easy-to-grasp figures and a familiar home theme, toddlers can use their imaginations to create stories as they play.
  • As little ones explore the pink house, playful songs, sounds and phrases encourage them to help around the house, care for their animal friends, and even introduce healthy habits! Little things that make a big difference™ Helping Others: Sung songs and fun phrases teach kids about teamwork, playing together, helping others, manners, and kindness.
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