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  • Color tip matches the core to help you quickly find the color you need.
  • Colored pencils with a 2.9mm core feature blendable colors to let you create a wide range of bright and subtle tones.
  • Its creamy core lays down smooth color for high-quality results.
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  • Each degree is printed on the end of every barrel for easy identification.
  • For fine, straight lines, choose a hard pencil that will hold its point.
  • For smudging, the dark, smooth, soft B pencil is your best choice.
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  • Acid-free paper prevents it from yellowing over time to maintain its high-quality appearance.
  • Archival-quality material is lignin-free and fade-resistant to keep your work looking great for years to come.
  • Tapebound pages allow you to cleanly remove pages when needed.
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  • 24 assorted colors with beautiful pigmentation ensure your artwork is never limited by a lack of options.
  • Soft pastels are perfect for aspiring artists, students, hobbyists and more.
  • Soft pastels feature an easy-to-blend texture to make them great for experimenting with new techniques and take your art to the next level.
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  • Easy-to-use formula can be used straight from the tube or diluted with water.
  • Mixable colors can be blended to create wide range of colors and effects.
  • Paint tubs are perfect for aspiring artists, hobbyists and more.
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