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  • At the bottom, boxes are labeled, \"Approved By,\" \"Date Paid,\" \"Check No.,\" \"Withhold,\" \"F.I.C.A.,\" \"Medicare,\" \"State W.H.,\" \"Total Earnings,\" \"Total Deductions,\" and \"Net Pay.\" Time card pad also features a flexible cover and 100 cards made of manila stock.
  • Each card is unnumbered.
  • Pad keeps 100 time clock cards neatly together until needed.
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  • At the bottom, boxes are labeled, \"Entered Payroll,\" \"Entered Repair Order,\" \"Time and Job Nos.
  • Correct,\" and \"Foreman.\" The back of the card details the work done, start times, stop times and elapsed times.
  • Each card is two-sided and unnumbered.
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  • Manila stock.
  • Pads in semi-monthly format provide a durable, convenient record of employee hours.
  • The 100 card pads stay neatly together until needed.
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  • Each time card has a horizontal format with assigned boxes for arrival and departure times in the morning and afternoon from Monday to Sunday.
  • Other columns prompt the total regular hours and overtime hours.
  • Time cards have the same entry boxes for overtime.
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