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  • Bright laser beam provides easy-to-see pointer visibility.
  • Compact design uses hidden dongle as on/off switch.
  • Ergonomic design fits comfortably into the palm.
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  • idea: Make your point even brighter. Make your presentations shine with the Kensington Wireless Presenter Pro with Green Laser Pointer.
  • Add a comfortable, intuitive four-button design and extended 150 foot range and you have everything you need to focus on what really matters - your audience.
  • The green laser is much brighter than standard red lasers, allowing you to make your point anywhere - even when used with brighter projectors or LCD and plasma displays.
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  • Even with all this protection, the BlackBelt 1st Degree provides access to all the tablet's ports, controls and cameras, and makes charging and syncing easy.
  • It surrounds the iPad Air 2 in a strong, cushioned layer of rubber for great drop protection.
  • One part of the iPad that's particularly vulnerable is the corners, so the BlackBelt 1st Degree is designed with extra thick corner protection.
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  • A green laser and cursor control for bigger, brighter roomsYou can't make your point if no one can see it.
  • It's 10 times brighter than standard red lasers, so it stands out against even the brightest LCD and plasma displays.
  • So make your point with a bright green laser suitable for even the biggest rooms and brightest screens with the Kensington Presenter Expert Green Laser Presenter with Cursor Control.
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  • Intuitive, four-button design pointer fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • Its card reader supports up to 32GB capacity cards.
  • Its ultra-bright green laser pointer is up to 10 times more visible than red lasers.
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  • The Kensington Protective Back Cover brings an additional layer of protection for your iPad 2 without losing Apple Smart Cover functionality.
  • This perfect combination of design and functionality wraps the back of your iPad 2 in ultra thin rubber to prevent scratches, provide greater grip and better contact with a flat surface in landscape mode.
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  • A raised bezel protects the corners and screen from scratches and damage.
  • Blackbelt 1st Degree Rugged Case surrounds the iPad mini in a strong, cushioned layer of rubber for all-around protection against drops and scratches.
  • Case fits into charging cabinets (sold separately) with bays 20mm and larger.
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  • Anyone who has ever dropped his or her smartphone or tablet (yes, that's everyone!) knows the horror of watching your expensive device fall to the ground.
  • Best of all, the Protective Back Cover for iPad mini adds all of this protection without compromising any of the iPad's sleekness, light weight, or functionality.
  • It also provides more se.
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  • A camera opening allows for FaceTime use.
  • And the BlackBelt band offers easy port access to all iPad controls and 30-pin connector plus is easily installed and removed.
  • The Kensington BlackBelt protects the edges and cushions your iPad 2 while offering a secure grip for handling in any iPad orientation.
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  • Accidents happen, and someday your iPad Air is probably going to get dropped.
  • By surrounding your iPad Air in a strong, cushioned rubber layer, it can survive drops and bumps because it offers premium shock absorption.
  • It also features a built-in hand strap, multi-position stand and a screen protector.
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