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    • Built-in carrying handle for playground use, meetings or tours
    • 3.5mm AUX Input Jack
    • 3.5mm Audio Output jack
    • Rugged ABS plastic casing withstands repeated use
    • Separate tone and volume controls
    • 6 hour battery use with low battery indicator and unit still operates while recharging its built-in battery
    • Hands-free wireless mic and belt-pack transmitter
    • Lightweight transmitter comfortably worn on waist
    • Internal storage space for transmitter, charger, & mic
    • 6.3mm mic jack for use with a wired microphone
    • 100' wireless range from transmitter to PA
    • 213.750 MHz f.
    • Powerful enough to handle indoor and out-door uses for up to 150 people, it is ideal for school yards, tour groups, meetings & can be a potential lifesaver in emergencies where crowd control and communication can make the critical difference.
    • The portability and versatility of a wireless PA system are built into the PA Pro.
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  • Wireless Megaphone Versatility is sometimes critical when leading tour groups, directing activities on an athletic field, or in emergency response situations.
  • Our PA219 delivers a wireless mic (with a wired mic input), an input to connect a smartphone, an SD card, and a USB port.
  • With a 750' range, the PA219 broadcasts music or messages so the entire crowd can hear critical information.
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