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  • It will provide approximately 50 cleanings (depending on the drive).
  • Sony recommends its use every 25 hours, although the actual cleaning frequency will vary depending on the operating environment.
  • The tape thickness has been reduced and the head wear minimized to make it particularly well-suited for the DDS3, DDS4 and DAT72 drives and enable it to provide the best head-cleaning performance possible.
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  • 5.25-inch MO Media combines the quality of high-speed random access and long archival life to suit a variety of applications.
  • Sony MO media is optimal for mission-critical storage environments that require both longevity and performance.
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  • AIT-2 data cartridge is compatible with AIT-2, AIT-2 Turbo, AIT-3 and AIT-4 drives.
  • AIT-2 data cartridge offers a compressed capacity of 130GB and a native capacity of 50GB.
  • Cartridge offers a 3.5HH configuration and advanced metal evaporated media technology.
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  • AIT cartridges feature a built-in flash memory chip that stores directory and operational information.
  • AIT-3 is scalable and backward compatible with previous generations.
  • Delivers 100 percent pure cobalt for high retentivity.
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  • One hundred CD-Rs 700 MB (80 min), in a spindle box.
  • Supplied on a spindle for convenient bulk storage, these high quality discs are the perfect choice when you need to burn a larger number of discs!.
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  • Create and store digital video, audio and multimedia files with these DVD-RW discs.
  • DVD technology delivers superb video, audio, high-capacity data storage and high-speed accessibility.
  • Re-recordable discs are compatible for playback with most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives.
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  • CD-R (CD-Recordable) offers a 700MB/80 minute capacity, 48X write speed and inkjet printable surface.
  • Compatible for playback on CD-ROM, audio CD players and photo CDs.
  • Delivers the mechanical precision needed to meet today's high-speed recording requirements.
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  • Blu-Ray recordable disc provides up to five times the capacity of a standard DVD-R.
  • Disc also features fast data transfer rate of up to 72mbps and exceptional performance of AccuCORE technology.
  • Each disc can hold 23 hours of standard definition television and tens of thousands of music recordings.
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  • Rewritable MO 5.25\" Optical Disk offers 2.6GB of memory and a 4X recording speed.
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  • A3MP uniformly coats the metal particles with alloys and ceramics to provide high-output characteristics, maintain a high resistance to environmental conditions, and reduce variations in particle size when compared to conventional materials.
  • Data cartridge offers an SFF 1/2 configuration, recording capacity of 1.5TB (native)/3.0TB (compressed), and transfer rate of 140MB per seconds (native), 280MB per second (compressed).
  • LTO 5 data cartridge offers Advanced Alloy Armored Metal Particle (A3MP) technology to provide protection for your most valuable data.
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