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Rubbermaid Commercial
  • Bleach-safe cloth is durable up to 500 launderings.
  • Color-coded design helps reduce cross-contamination by differentiating areas of use.
  • General-purpose cloth also offers scratch-free, lint-free cleaning of glass, mirrors and chrome.
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Rubbermaid Commercial
  • Charging tub effectively moistens these disposable microfiber cloths.
  • Cloths are compatible with bleach and quat.
  • diff spores, to stop the chain of infection.
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Rubbermaid Commercial
  • Bulk supply of reusable cloths makes sure you have plenty to clean for long period or large buildings.
  • Microfiber cloths deliver superior cleaning performance for light commercial use.
  • Quality microfiber withstands hundreds of launderings and 100 launderings with bleach.
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Rubbermaid Commercial
  • diff spores, to stop the chain of infection.
  • Hygen Cloth Refill Pack comes with cloths that deliver streak-free cleaning for mirrors, glass and stainless steel.
  • Ideal for dusting and wet cleaning, cloths are compatible with the Rubbermaid Hygen Disposable Microfiber Charging Tub.
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Rubbermaid Commercial
  • "Washboard surface" effectively removes dirt and debris from mop pads before wringing.
  • Dense, 3 - 5 micrometer quality fiber removes more dust, dirt and microbes than conventional cleaning products.
  • Double-finished edges retain mop shape with use over time.
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