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  • Clean your DAT tape drive with this highly durable, high-performance DDS cleaning cartridge that withstands up to 50 cleans.
  • DDS Cleaning Cartridge includes a polycase for storage, handling instructions and write-on labels.
  • Works with DAT tape drives.
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  • Cleaning is done by shuffling a specific amount of tape over the drive head based on a specific cleaning algorithm that is unique to each drive manufacturer.
  • Cleaning reduces built-up or stains that get deposited on drive heads and should be done whenever the drive's \"use cleaning cartridge\" signal is flashing.
  • In addition, the cartridge has an RF (radio frequency) LTO-CM (cartridge memory) that keeps track of the number of times your cartridge has been used.
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  • Delivers 20 cleanings.
  • DLT Cleaning Cartridge is designed for use with DLT III and DLT IV machines.
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