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  • Alcohol-free wipes in a twin pack format are safe for use on laptops, monitors and PDAs.
  • The system contains two parts: a heavily saturated wet wipe to neutralize static and effectively remove dust, dirt and oil and an absorbent cloth to dry and polish the screen for streak-free optical clarity.
  • Wipes are not for use on nylon mesh/polarized anti-glare screens.
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  • Alcohol-free wipe in tub dispenser are safe for use on laptops, monitors and PDAs.
  • Each wipe removes dirt, grease and fingerprints from surfaces.
  • Formula is safe and effective for cleaning glass and plastic screens.
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  • Each provides a fast, convenient way to remove dirt and dust from metal and plastic surfaces.
  • Multisurface cleaning pads are premoistened with a safe, effective cleaning agent.
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  • Towelettes are individually wrapped in foil packets.
  • Towelettes are not for use on nylon mesh or polarized antiglare screens.
  • Ultra-thin, high-quality wipes are presaturated with special nonstreaking cleaning and antistatic solution that works quickly, evaporating in seconds.
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  • Quickly and easily remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from CDs, and DVDs.
  • Regular cleaning of CD-ROMs removes contaminates and ensures optimum sound quality and fidelity.
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  • 100 percent nonflammable and ozone-safe.
  • A flexible, 3' extension hose is provided for increased cleaning depth.
  • Powerful compressed-gas duster features a reusable precision valve assembly that is made from surgical-grade chrome-plated brass.
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  • Refill for a powerful compressed-gas duster contains 100 percent nonflammable and ozone-safe compressed-gas.
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  • Convenient, disposable, lint-free cleaning pad is pre-moistened with 91 percent isopropyl alcohol and 9 percent deionized water.
  • Excellent for precision cleaning of tape heads, guides, capstans, plastic rollers and disk pack platters.
  • Individual, hermetically sealed foil packets keep each pad fresh and easily stored at the work place.
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  • Its distinctive style is created using a unique, two-step process that fuses a high-gloss plastic interior to a slightly textured, matte exterior to create bold contrast in color and texture.
  • Monitor stand raises your monitor up to a comfortable level to help prevent discomfort while working at your desk.
  • Open area below the stand provides a convenient space to store a variety of supplies.
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  • Individually wrapped wipes are pre-saturated with an alcohol-free, ammonia-free solution for safe use on all screens.
  • Reusable microfiber cloth contains Microban antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs.
  • Screen cleaning kit contains everything you need to effectively clean dirt, dust and oil from delicate electronic screens.
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