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  • Built-in sponge applicator ensures simple, mess-free application to keep your shoes looking great without making a mess.
  • Its versatile design also works quickly to nourish, shine and provide water-resistance to prolong the life of your leather shoes.
  • Scuff cover features a unique, wax-based formula that covers up scuffs and minor scratches to revitalize the appearance of your leather shoes.
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  • Its unique, wax-based formula brilliantly covers shoe scuffs as well as nourishes, shines and creates a water-resistant exterior to prolong the life of your shoes.
  • Leather shoe-cleaning sponge features an easy-to-use design to help you quickly create a gleaming shine without any mess or buffing.
  • Shoe cleaner is perfect for on-the-go cleanings and last-minute emergencies.
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