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Citrus Magic
  • Advanced, long-lasting formula lasts up to four times longer than conventional air fresheners that are mostly made of water, gas and a little perfume to effectively deodorize any room.
  • Air freshener with a fresh orange scent is made with pure citrus oils to naturally eliminate even the toughest odors on contact.
  • Nonaerosol container is free from harsh chemicals to help you maintain a clean environment at home, work or even during travel.
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Citrus Magic
  • Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener provides convenient and continuous odor control that lasts.
  • Ideal for institutional use in garbage and cooking areas or any large area where odor is a problem.
  • Two-gallon container lasts for six months.
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Citrus Magic
  • Air freshener is perfect for use in bathrooms, closets, cars, pet areas, kitchens and more.
  • Natural formula lasts four to six weeks to keep problem areas fresh for longer.
  • Solid air freshener features a unique, dual-action design that utilizes vegetable-based odor eliminators and baking soda to magically absorb odors in tough places and freshen the air.
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Citrus Magic
  • Citrus Magic Triple Action absorbs moisture as well as foul odors, and freshens the air with its legendary fresh citrus fragrance.
  • The Triple Action is ideal for anywhere humidity, excess moisture and odor are problems.
  • Unique packaging technology allows the odor-eliminating power of Citrus Magic to go to work freshening the air and absorbing odors all while absorbing moisture in the air.
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