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  • Brush head features a 10" wide construction that offers more surface area for maximum cleaning efficiency.
  • Side bristles allow you to easily clean hard-to-reach corners and wheels to eliminate the need to use additional tools.
  • Soft bristles safely clean areas without scratching to prevent damaging surfaces.
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  • Flexible handle helps mold to shapes to allow you to comfortably dry cars, trucks, windows and more.

  • Its unique T-bar edge quickly whisks away water without leaving any streaks or scratches.
  • Squeegee features an ultra-soft, silicone construction that conforms to the shape of the surface being dried to efficiently wipe areas clean.
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  • Bi-level brush features super-soft, feathered bristles to safely clean surfaces without any scratching.
  • Bi-level design allows you to easily clean hard-to-reach areas for more efficient performance.
  • Brush is designed for use with all threaded poles (sold separately).
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  • Arctic plow features a super-wide, foam head for quick snow clearing that won't scratch paint.
  • Collapsible, built-in storage allows you to keep this plow easily accessible.
  • Strong, telescoping handle offers extra reach to help you clean far away areas with less effort.
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  • Powerful ice chippers break away even thick ice with less effort.
  • Snow scraper features large, wide blades to clear away frost with ease.
  • The soft snowbrush safely pushes away wet, deep snow to prevent damaging surfaces.
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  • Durable construction withstands the rigors of frequent cleanings for long-lasting scraping performance.
  • Snow brush features a plastic ice scraper to safely break away thick ice without scratching your glass.
  • Wooden handle is smoothly crafted to safely maneuver the brush for more efficient performance.
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